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MVCC Lady Hawks & SUNY Delhi Win NJCAA National Titles

MVCC Lady Hawks & SUNY Delhi Win NJCAA National Titles

NJCAA National Track & Field

May 7-9, 2015

Mohawk Valley Community College hosted the 2015 National Junior College Athletic Association's National Track and Field Championships. More than 400 athletes from around the country convered on Central New York.

The Women's 2015 National Champion is Mohawk Valley Community College. The 2015 Men's National Champion is SUNY Delhi. You can see the complete results via Yen Timing here.

We'll continue posting photos and event recaps over the next few days.  Please see everything we have posted via the links below.

Event Program Booklet:

Live Scoring:

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Thursday, May 7 

9:00 am          Heptathlon (100 M Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200 M )

9:15 am          Decathlon   (100 M, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 M)

2:00 pm          Opening Ceremony


Running Events                                                                                Field Events 

2:15 pm               3200 M Relay     (M)                                        10:00am               Hammer              (W) T/F

2:25 pm               3200 M Relay     (W)                                       Noon                     Hammer              (M) T/F

3:00 pm               400 M Relay        (M)Trials                              1:00pm                 Pole Vault           (M) T/F

3:15 pm               400 M Relay        (W)Trials                              2:00 pm                Triple Jump         (M) T/F

X5:15 pm             Steeple Chase    (M)                                       4:15 pm                Triple Jump         (W) T/F

X5:40 pm             Steeple Chase     (W)                      

X Held at Hamilton College (bus provided for coaches and athletes if necessary) Hand Timed.


4:00 pm                Awards Presentation 


Friday, May 8 

9:00 am        Decathlon (110 M Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m)

9:30 am        Heptathlon (Long Jump, Javelin, 800m)       


Running Events                                                                                Field Events

10:00am               10,000M               (W) Final                              1:00 pm                *Pole Vault         (W) T/F

11:10am               10,000M               (M) Final                              1:00 pm                Long Jump          (M) T/F

3:00 pm                1500 W                 (W) Trial                               2:00 pm                Discus   (M) T/F

3:45 pm                1500 M                 (M) Trial                               2:00 pm                High Jump           (M) T/F

4:00 pm                400 M                    (W) Trial                               3:30 pm                Long Jump          (W) T/F

4:15 pm                400 M                    (M) Trial                               4:00 pm                Javelin  (M) T/F

4:30 pm                100 M Dash         (W) Trial                               4:00 pm                Discus   (W) T/F

4:45 pm                100 M Dash         (M) Trial                               * Women's Pole Vault begins 30 minutes

5:00 pm                100 M Hurdles   (W) Trial                               after the completion of the Decathlon Pole

5:15 pm                110 M Hurdles   (M) Trial                               Vault, but not earlier than 1:00 pm

5:30 pm                800 M                    (W) Trial

5:45 pm                800 M                    (M) Trial

6:00 pm                400 M Hurdles  (W) Trial

6:15 pm                400 M Hurdles  (M) Trial

6:30 pm                200 M Dash         (W) Trial

6:45 pm                200 M Dash         (M) Trial

7:20 pm                1600 M Relay     (W) Trial

7:30 pm                1600 M Relay    (M) Trial


5:30 p.m.             Awards Presentation.        


Saturday May 9

Running Events                                                                                Field Events

 9:00 am               5000 M Run       (W) Final

 9:30 am               5000 M Run       (M) Final

Semi-Running (if needed)                                                            10:00 am              Javelin  (W) Final

10:00 am              100 M Dash         (W) Semi                             11:00 am              Shot                      (M) Final

10:15 am              100 M Dash         (M) Semi                              12:30 pm              High Jump           (W) Final

10:30 am              100 M Hurdle     (W Semi                                 1:00 pm               Shot                      (W) Final

10:45 am              110 M Hurdle     (M) Semi

11:00 am              200 M Dash         (W) Semi

11:15 am              200 M Dash         (M) Semi

11:30 am              Awards Presentation


12:30 pm              400 M Relay        (W) Final

12:40 pm              400 M Relay        (M) Final

12:50 pm              1500 M                 (W) Final

1:00 pm                1500 M                 (M) Final

1:15 pm                400 M Dash         (W) Final

1:20 pm                400 M Dash         (M) Final

1:25 pm                100 M Dash         (W) Final

1:30 pm                100 M Dash         (M) Final

1:40 pm                110 M Hurdles   (M) Final

1:50pm                 100 M Hurdles  (W) Final


2:10 pm                Awards Presentation


2:15 pm                800 M                                    (W) Final

2:25 pm                800 M                                    (M) Final

2:35 pm                400 M Hurdles                   (M) Final

2:45 pm                400 M Hurdles                  (W) Final

2:55 pm                200 M Dash                         (W) Final

3:00 pm                200 M Dash                         (M) Final

3:55 pm                1600 M Relay                     (W) Final

4:05 pm                1600 M Relay                     (M) Final


4:35 pm                Final Awards /Team Awards